So much to brew, so little time.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea lovers have a discerning tongue that helps them choose the flavors that make their relationship with certain beans and leaves extremely meaningful. A cup of freshly ground, well-balanced Tanzanian Peaberry coffee made just so can mean the difference between a good start to the day or a catastrophic morning. We understand this and stock our shelves with a distinctive catalog of premium, gourmet teas and coffees from across the globe.

Our staff can help find the right selection for you. Whether it is a delicious roast for espresso aficionados, sweet latte lovers or straight black American types, everyone can find a niche at Phoenicia.

We take pride in our own house blends of tea and coffee as well.Our own Ceylon Tea blend with cinnamon, cloves and allspice will convert even the most staunch non-tea drinker! Add a little honey or sugar if you please and watch as it soothes and transforms you into a happy, relaxed state of being.

If you get thirsty while shopping in our market, make a stop at Phoenicia Coffee House, our in-house espresso-tea bar, where you can taste some of our signature creations like Choco-Halva Latte, Berries-n-Cream Cappuccino or Zohrab’s Chai.

Full Product List

To view a full product list, please visit our online store for one of the following locations. For shipping requests outside if the Houston area, please order from our Westheimer location.



Here are examples of some of the items we carry in this department, please go to our product lists above for our full list.


  • Armenian coffee: Ednas (USA)
  • Bosnian coffee: Minas Gold (Croatia)
  • German coffee: Jacobs Krönung (Germany)
  • Greek coffee: Bravo; Papagalos; Nescafé
  • Italian coffee: Lavazza (Italy)
  • Mediterranean coffee: Najjar (Lebanon)
  • Premium coffee beans:
  • Brazilian Bourbon Santos
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu
  • Green Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Mexican Altura Coatepec
  • Saudi Roast Bitter
  • Tanzanian Peaberry
  • Turkish coffee: Mehmet Efendi (Turkey)


  • Black tea: Rize (Turkey)
  • Black tea, Ceylon tea, English tea, fruit teas, green tea and herbal tea: Ahmad Tea London (UK)
  • Ceylon tea: Zarrin (Sri Lanka)
  • Fruit teas: Teekanne (German)
  • Yerba mate: Amanda (Argentina)
  • Premium bulk teas:
  • Angel Falls Mist
  • Bella Caribe
  • Buckingham Palace Garden Party
  • Japanese Sencha
  • Jasmine & Flowers
  • Pomegranate Rosehip
  • Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
  • Zorab’s Chai