An international journey through one of our markets will start in our farm-fresh produce department, then on to our heavenly bakery of fresh artisan breads and pastries, followed by a visit to our fine butcher shop and seafood department. The itinerary does not end there. You will then continue on to choose from our vast and unique selection of gourmet prepared foods. The logical progression would be to make your way over to the boutique wine and beer departments so you can find the perfect match for the delicious meal you will experience that day.

The joy of shopping for everyday foodie fantastic groceries then begins in our deli for specialty cheeses and meats from across the globe. You can then be amazed by the selection of exotic spices, grains and beans that will fill your pantry nicely.
Then come some of Phoenicia’s specialties…an unbelievable variety of imported olive oils, vinegars and olives. Take a few minutes to ponder the huge lineup of gourmet coffees and teas for your daily fix.

Now you can indulge in filling up your cart with the rest of the grocery items you need to feel foodie content. Make your way through the aisles to pick up an assortment of imported juices, mineral waters, preserves, dried fruits, nuts and much more. Finally, you have all the pieces of the culinary puzzle! Do not think your tour is complete, though. Gaze at the bounty of cooking and serving tools in our colorful home goods department. Pick and choose which will come in handy for your next meal or gathering. At long last, you can enjoy all of your goodies after a virtual world tour of products and the cultures that hold them dear. We look forward to you visiting us soon. We are waiting to show you our YUMMY selections at down-to-earth prices.