Reinventing the wheel.


You can find the product of hard-working cows, goats and sheep from the far corners of the globe in our market. Need the well-known, fine cheeses of Europe and America for your next party? No problem. Would you like to experience astounding cheeses that you will not encounter anywhere else? Check. How many kinds of feta cheese do you need to select from? 3, 4…? Try 20 or so! Each with their own distinct flavor characteristics. Have you heard of YUMMY Armenian string cheese, a mild, silky cheese with sweet, nutty tones reminiscent of mozzarella? How about Touma Syrian Village Cheese, the oldest cheese known to man, or Shanklish, a ball of sharp, dry cheese encrusted in the exotic spices which capture the exciting flavors of the East? In case you have not, we have samples ready for you!

Full Product List

To view a full product list, please visit our online store for one of the following locations. For shipping requests outside if the Houston area, please order from our Westheimer location.



Here are examples of some of the items we carry in this department, please go to our product lists above for our full list.

  • Aged cheddar: English Farmhouse
  • Akawi:Wadi Zahle
  • Armenian string cheese: Marinated string
  • Brie: President
  • Bulgarian feta: Zergut
  • Chevre: Water Oak Farm
  • Dutch cheeses: Beemster
  • Edam: Mill Dance Brand
  • Fresh mozzarella: Belgioioso
  • French feta: Valbresso
  • Goat cheese: Don Wine, Meyenberg Valley
  • Gouda: Mill Dance Brand
  • German beer cheese: King Ludwig
  • Greek feta: Dodoni
  • Halloumi: Alambra
  • Labne: Abali, Karoun and Tazah
  • Lappi: Finlandia
  • Manchego: Don Juan
  • Mascarpone:Delitia and Sorrento
  • Parmesan: Parmiggiano Reggiano
  • Pecorino romano
  • Shanklish: Shanklish cheese with herbs
  • Smoked maasdame: Mill Dance Brand