Meet David Berg

Posted on November 19, 2014

We are proud to introduce newest member of the Phoenicia Downtown Team Master Baker, David Berg!

Chef David is a passionate baker whose background is steeped in Old World Traditions. He weaves those traditions into stylish desserts, pastries and rustic breads that are as beautiful as they are YUMMY!

David’s dedication to Artisan breads is prodigious and he maintains an old world starter that was created by his mother several years ago from a piece of 200-year-old starter from France! This is the base for his amazing breads, rolls and baguettes that we offer at Phoenicia Downtown.

David also has a fine-dining background and spent more than a decade running his own restaurant and bakery in Santa Monica, California before moving to Houston in 2002. In Houston, he taught at a local culinary school and while he enjoyed a diverse career, David truly enjoys teaching and mentoring young baking hopefuls, he has stated, “My goal as a Master Baker is to teach young people and bring this art back” and behind that maxim our employees are flourishing. Chef David’s affection for instruction is evident; he becomes thoughtful as he discusses the different types of bakers; pastry chefs and bread makers and how he educates and motivates them to enhance their skill set.

David has a long history of shopping at Phoenicia and has always enjoyed the gourmet delights we offer as well as the vast variety of International products. He is a fan of the olive bar and loves our amazing assortment of olives, some he has never seen! He is enthusiastic about all the products Phoenicia has available that he can use to create a unique product line that no one else has; from new and tempting cuisine, to delectable pastries and beyond! He has already introduced a delicious sandwich, the Croque-monsieur and Croque-madame and an incredible Imperial doughnut with yummy fillings! Chef David is eager to give customers the opportunity to experience flavors that they aren’t accustomed to and savor the delights that are rooted in his classic European technique and sprinkled with his incredible imagination!

Chef David is excited by the challenges that he faces, this is the first time he has worked in a market of this kind and the variety of customer services Phoenicia offers is daunting. He is impressed by the level of customer service Phoenicia offers and his desire is to match that standard by teaching his front of house staff about all the awe-inspiring products he is creating and motivating them to make sure all of our customers get individual attention.

David and his wife are proud parents (and grandparents) and his dedication to family eclipses his passion for baking, he beams with pride when he talks about his children and their accomplishments and achievements.

When asked what his Phoenicia Favorite food is, he of course has created a specialty item from Phoenicia’s finest products and his amazing talent…a baguette w/ tabouli and hummus!  Keep an eye on our bakery cases for more items he is creating; bagels and some new breakfast items to appeal to the downtown customers who know that breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day!

So come visit Chef David’s amazing bakery but come early, his magical treats have a tendency to disappear!